Business Continuity and Crisis Management | Centre for Security Failures Studies

by Stephen Langley
Centre for Security Failures Studies, UK

‘Crisis Management, Disaster Response, Emergency Management, Business Continuity Management: these are all names for the same process.’ Discuss the validity of this statement, referring to the theoretical models and the literature. Throughout the assignment you should discuss the practical implementation of strategies, plans and procedures.

This question requires the terms ‘crisis management, disaster response, emergency management, and business continuity management’ to be defined and also discuss how they interact and if at all they do. The author believes that Crisis Management, Disaster Response, Emergency Management are all overarched by Business Continuity Management (BCM). This can be demonstrated by the hypothesis that crisis is divided into three events: emergencies, crisis and disaster. These three events are sub-disciplines with the overarching response being dictated by the BCM. This statement is therefore stating that neither of them have any independence but are all internally involved within the newly evolving discipline BCM to which they follow.

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