Netflix Parental Control – HACK ALERT

Netflix Parental Controls… Our Teens are smarter than this

******Fixed! Pin protection is now active. 02/16/2016******

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How do I set parental controls on my Netflix account in the US? You don’t despite Netflix instructions

Parents, our teens are quickly learning that they can open our Adult Netflix profile and create a new temporary Adult profile. The new “temporary adult profile” is used to watch any movie regardless the rating. Once our teen is done watching the last season of the “Walking Dead”, they simply delete the temporary profile.

Worse than that, as of this time, Netflix support can’t see this type of activity once the temporary Adult profile is deleted. All evidence is gone. They couldn’t even tell me the number of Adult profiles created in the past.

So in summary, your teens can have full access to any Netflix offering without your permission or knowledge.

By the way, some countries have demanded better control. Netflix provides an Adult profile security PIN feature for Japan, Australia, Germany and New Zealand. Per NetflixThe PIN feature is not supported in other countries at this time.”

Please call Netflix and demand a pin be added for everyone. I asked for one months ago… Maybe my next step is congress? As my teen would say… LOL